About us

What is GetDateTime?

GetDateTime — is a service of the exact time determination in your city according to your geolocation.

GetDateTime helps to find the exact time in many cities, countries and regions of the world


What is the service of time determination for?

For the users, the service shows current time in the desired country or city. You can synchronize time on your mobile phone, computer or tablet PC and also check the accuracy of your wristwatch with the help of GetDateTime. Our online clock always shows the exact time due to continuous synchronization with NTP-server and atomic clocks.

What is the difference between GetDateTime and other services of time determination?

There are 8,000 cities and 251 countries in the database of our website. For each of them, the exact time is determined based on the time zones and all the geographical details. Also, we have information about current time in the world and information time time in continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, South America.

Unlike our competitors, in addition to the database of the exact time, we give information about the world time zones, the date of the clock change and the times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset.


Also there is main information on the website about a city, country or continent, where a user lives.