Exact Time in South America

The continent of South America

South America is one of the six continents of the planet Earth which is located in the southern part of the globe. The area of South America accounts for 17,840,000 sq km.

  • The population of South America is approximately 418,489,196 people or about 5.7% of the total Earth’s population. The density of the population in South America is quite low – about 21.5 persons per square kilometre;
  • South America has 4 main time zones: from UTC-2 to UTC-5;
  • The total area of the continent is 17,840,000 sq km;
  • South America consists of 14 countries and USA dependent territories with such famous countries as Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile and others;
  • In addition to South America, there are also 6 continents in the world: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia.

South America is the wettest continent on the Earth and it has 5 climatic zones: subequatorial zone, equatorial zone, tropical zone, subtropical zone and temperate zone.

The continent has a moderate range of temperatures and climate changes. In the northern part of South America, the average temperature oscillates between 20°С and 28°С all year round. In January (in summer) the temperature drops to 10 °С.